Welcome to Bell & Sward, a Gentlemen’s Clothier. As we pondered the direction we should take in the initial stages of this business venture, we couldn’t help but consider the word “gentlemen”. Webster defines a gentleman as “a man who treats other people in a proper and polite way”. We were each blessed to have had fathers who were the epitome of gentlemen. They put God, family, country, and others first. They taught us values and life lessons (always softened with a dose of humor) that we will forever carry with us.

Southern gentlemen, whether by birth or by choice, are known for their distinctive style. There is something about a Southern man that sets him apart and makes him instantly recognized wherever he goes. Although we know that clothing doesn’t make the man, we fully believe it helps to define the man and show the world who he is.

Our goal at Bell & Sward is to provide a special experience for the discerning gentleman. From classically conservative to cutting-edge, from black tie to back nine, from respectful to slightly rebellious; we want to provide an experience that emphasizes design and style, attention to detail, and customer service that is second to none.

We desire to preserve and promote that down-home feel of American small business by knowing our customers, their families, their stories, their likes and dislikes…

Life is a celebration! Celebrate in style!

-Zanette Bell & Erik Sward