Peter Millar

Our apparel is not made to define you, but to punctuate who you already are.

At some point, being stylish began to mean uncomfortable jackets, painful shoes and pretentious attitudes. If that defines a fashion brand, then we are a lifestyle brand. We produce smart casual clothing for men and women, as well as formal essentials — a wardrobe not defined by fads and frivolities.

Our style is for individuals who are elegant without being uncomfortable. They wish to be classic and stand out for who they are and not just what they wear. They are ready for anything and any mood, from the morning business meeting, to after work cocktails, then to an evening barbeque. They never want to feel under or over-dressed.

Peter Millar is anything but expected style. It’s ever-changing and evolving, without constantly chasing trends. We find a graceful balance in the ebb and flow of fashion to keep our style current and timeless at once. The biggest part of what defines the Peter Millar look is the individuals that wear our clothing. From industry leaders and professional athletes, to fathers, mothers, families and friends, the Peter Millar style is being defined at every moment by distinctive individuals.