Ballin was founded in 1946 by Charles (Chic) Balinsky. In our 65th year, we still remember the days when Chic opened the Canadian factory and sold goods by horse and buggy. The original building has been expanded several times, but it is still home to Ballin’s main Canadian production facility.

Chic left a legacy of integrity that is still in every pair of Ballin pants today. Many of our team of key executives were trained by and worked directly with him.

Chic’s son Joseph ran the business through its major expansions in the 1980s and 90s. The US market became more key to what was previously a Canadian focused firm. It was at this time that the business shifted to a higher end product with the introduction of new technologies and a focus on the highest quality.

Joseph is still active in the business, but his son Ronald runs much of the company today. Business has continued to expand in the US, as well as into Europe, Japan, and Australia.

Ballin continues to broaden its focus with the recent acquisition of Touch by Ballin: custom made sport shirts that will complement our mens dress and casual trouser collections.