Collared Greens

Collared Greens believes that elegance and eco-consciousness can coexist, and has combined these ideals in an effort to redefine American fashion with forward-thinking and timeless style.  Collared Greens was founded in the famous outdoor recreactiuonal resort town of Sun Valley, Idaho by a group of passionate outdoor enthusiasts.  We believed in creating a business that […]

Tommy Bahama

Our founders sketched out the idea for Tommy Bahama on cocktail napkins while sipping pina coladas at the beach. We didn’t just invent a fictional character; we fashioned a lifelong philosophy of leisure. Tommy Bahama brands have grown to represent the good life in all its wonderful forms. We are purveyors of Island lifestyle. If […]

Jack Victor Suits

The tightest thread, the best register, and only the highest quality fabrics. It’s a guaranteed fit for everything you need. Bespoke Carles occupy aliquip, slow-carb next level whatever exercitation sunt you probably haven’t heard of them kitsch ut Williamsburg. Intelligentsia ad sunt, narwhal shabby chic selfies polaroid odio. Fixie sint drinking vinegar farm-to-table small batch. […]


Right place, right time. So goes the story for the birth of johnnie-O apparel. It was back in 2004 that founder, John O’Donnell, was helping a friend with what might be called a “hobby”. Little did O’Donnell know at the time that this so called “hobby” would turn into what it is today! Growing up […]

Southern Proper

Style, Tradition and Authenticity are the Southern pillars that inspired the creation of Southern Proper, Haberdashery for the Southern Gentleman. Emilie Claire Howard (fondly known as Emmie) and Reagan Hardy Howell co-founded the company in late 2005 and planted the company’s roots in Atlanta, Georgia. By combining an appreciation for heritage and fashion, they infused […]